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Welcome to Vinemont Elementary

Mr. Graves is continuing and expanding his service to Vinemont School since he took office as our school board representative. Thanks to his efforts with coordinating the town of Vinemont and CCBOE's resources, we will soon have some much needed extra parking. Thank you Mr. Graves!!!!

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Dear Students,

Always Remember


1.        You are important!

2.    You are special!

3.     We believe in you.

4.     We trust you.

5.    You are listened to.

6.     Your opinion matters.

7.    We care about you.

8.     We respect you.

9.     You are a winner!

10.We will help you succeed!!!

-The Faculty and Staff


Create Life-Long Learners
Vinemont Elementary believes that working together today will prepare students for a successful tomorrow by nurturing, challenging, and guiding all students to achieve their maximum potential through the use of effective teaching methods and the implementation of up-to-date educational techniques. Every individual can learn, every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and provided with a secure environment.


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